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Top-Notch Recording Services

Using high-end equipment can make all the difference in the world. At dlab Audio, LLC in Burbank, California, we take care of you—we have the top equipment available for recording your music.


Anyone can record a song at home,  but the right equipment will lead to a better sound.  For recording, we use Pro Tools HD™—first-rate outboard gear. We also use the latest plug-ins from Waves™ and Universal Audio™. When tracking and recording, we utilize some old-school techniques of getting the perfect sound. We get it right the first time, rather than studios that alter the music later. 

By recording with us, not only do you learn how to do it on your own in the future; but you gain access to other recording areas, as we have alliances with bigger studios that are perfect for larger projects. This is necessary if you feel there is not enough space and you need a bigger area. In addition, we always work with your specific budget. When you give us a call, we discuss your project. Likewise, we can also meet you at a location to listen to you perform live to give you ideas on what is needed.

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