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High-Quality Music Mixing & Instrument Recording Services

In the music world, competition is everywhere. Stand out from the others with music mixing services from dlab Audio, LLC in Burbank, California. We also provide instrument recording services.
Midi Controller and Headphones - Music Mixing

Mixing Services

Your sound will have the perfect broadcast quality with our mixing services. For mixing, we use the same equipment we do for our recording artists. We provide our mixing services whether we recorded your music or if you recorded it elsewhere. In addition we can assist with redoing vocals if necessary. We work with artists from any stage.

Drum Services & Instruments

Get professional sound quality each time when you use us—our professional friends, or we play instruments for artists when they record a track or a song. This service is perfect for solo artists who need additional acoustics. For this service, we use top-rate instruments including high-level drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and any other instrument that is able to be recorded.

Contact us for music mixing services that help you stand out from the crowd.