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Begin your music career the right way with professional recording services. Let us help you stand out from the rest.

Music Mixing

Enjoy clear quality of sound with music mixing and instrument recording services from dlab Audio, LLC in Burbank, California.


Equip yourself with the right business knowledge to succeed in the music business. Learn more about artist management.

Who We Are

dlab Audio, LLC in Burbank, California, is a recording studio for do-it-yourself artists who want a broadcast-quality type of sound to post online or other areas. We are a group of traveling musicians with more than five years of experience, which includes tours of Asia. For our services, we mix, master, and record vocals and instruments for solo artists or full bands.

At our studio, you simply come in and record. We are always there to help you with production and to educate you on starting out in your career. At our company, we take pride in helping artists network and grow their brand. We also have a useful directory that lists where you can find producers, sound engineers, drummers, and whatever else you need in order to complete your project.

Mission Statement

Our mission is getting artists the information they need to get their careers going and to provide the network to hook you up with the people that you need from managers, producers, and more, for a full solution for today's emerging artist.

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